Virtuix has teased its newest in-home VR treadmill, the Omni One. The Omni One VR treadmill is scheduled to be unveiled soon, and the latest teaser teases some great optics for the VR device.

The Omni One VR treadmill offers a treadmill that is not bulky and that you can move around with ease.

Virtual reality (VR) applications in games have been increasing recently. VR has the ability to take a gamer to new heights, but the risk of returning to reality still remains. Virtuix offers a practical solution to this problem with the release of the Omni One VR treadmill.

VR treadmill is designed for home and allows the user to freely enter and exit the virtual gaming world without hitting barriers and other obstacles. It creates a space where the user can move freely and safely with less danger from the environment.


VR gaming experience allows you to be immersed, but comes with other aspects such as losing track of the real-world environment and crashing into a barrier or obstacle. Virtuix products consist of versatile treadmills with built-in harnesses that create a limitless VR space for gamers. It allows the player to perform more in-game moves safely from real-world environments and obstacles. A player can run, crouch, or jump to a certain level while using the Omni One VR treadmill.

The Virtuix VR treadmill solution has been seen in commercial VR environments before. But Omni One is the first in-home application of the technology. It is designed to take up minimal space and has its own headset. The gadget will support up to 30 premium games when it eventually launches.

The Omni One currently exists only as an investor model, but a production model could be coming soon. However, there is no timeline for when the Virtuix Omni One VR treadmill will enter homes.

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