Our local and national car, Togg, made a rapid start to the new year. The company introduced its new model, Togg T10F, at the CES 2024 event. In addition, the company stated in its post that it wanted the Turkish people to get to know this model more closely. In addition, the company announced that Togg T10F will be sold without a raffle. Here are the details…

The Togg T10X test drive journey will begin!

Last year, Togg delivered 19 thousand 583 T10X units. It is now possible to come across our local and national cars on the roads. In addition, the company has started taking orders for the 2024 model T10X since January 15.

The company will offer a test drive experience for the Togg T10X , the model for which it has started taking orders in some cities . Within the scope of this promotion, the cities selected for the test drive include Sakarya, Bursa, Diyarbakır, Ankara and Istanbul, respectively.

Togg T10X
Engine160KW/ 320KW
Horse power218HP/430HP
0-100 acceleration<7.6 sec/ <4.8 sec
Range314 km/ 523 km
autonomous drivinglevel 2
EuroNCAPAiming for 5 stars
Engine optionsRear-wheel drive / All-wheel drive
Battery optionsStandard (52.4 kWh) / Long Range (88.5 kWh)
Electricity consumption – WLTP16.7 kWh/100 km – 16.9 kWh/100 km
ChargeRapid charging technology:
20 to 80 percent charge in 28 minutes in 2023,
80 percent charge in 8 minutes in 2025

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