Technology continues to develop every day. With the introduction of smart watches and bracelets into our lives, there has been a significant explosion in wearable technology. This process has increased day by day and technology has started to come into almost every accessory. The latest wearable technology move that is currently on the agenda is the smart earring. So, what is this smart earring? Here are the details…

Women’s new favorite: Here comes the Smart earring technology!

Recently, important steps have been taken in wearable technology. Many accessories such as watches, glasses and bracelets are developed with technology and offered to the user. One of these technologies is smart earrings. This new technology move, which is still under development, is actually quite important.

Especially women can be indecisive when choosing accessories. Many women have problems due to concerns about not fitting the combination and the damage that some accessories cause on the skin. Smart earrings are planned to bring both health and beauty.

Washington University is working on developing a smart earring technology. This earring in question is a device that can detect body temperature through the earlobe. This technology, developed with a single pin, includes both a skin temperature sensor and aims to measure the external temperature with the sensor on the swinging part.

The university recently made a statement about its work on the earring in question. The wearable technology product mentioned in this statement is designed to measure stress, fever, exercise habits, eating habits or women’s health .

Scientists who conducted a study on the technological accessory in question tested the device on 6 participants. Thanks to this test, it was concluded that the product measures skin temperature more accurately than smart watches. The maximum battery life of the device will be approximately 28 days.

It is expected that this wearable technology product will be further developed in the future . For example, the device can be charged with solar or kinetic energy during the user’s daily activities. Of course, this is just an assumption for now. Unfortunately, there are currently no answers to many questions about the technological accessory in question. However, the questions may be answered with the statements to be made in the coming days.

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