Google warned all its users against some fake applications that imitate popular applications . Here are those applications…

Google blacklisted two applications

Google Play Store contains many applications. Unfortunately, not all of these applications are safe. Some malicious developers are also releasing their apps. Google noticed two more of these developers. If you have previously installed those applications that Google has blacklisted on your phone, you should delete them immediately.

Which apps are blacklisted?

The two fake messaging apps are designed to look like Telegram and Signal . Google has removed them from the Play Store, citing malicious apps that could steal your data. The names of the applications removed from the Play Store are Signal Plus Messenger and FlyGram. The first app was active on the Google Play Store for over nine months and was downloaded nearly 100,000 times before the app was removed by Google. 

The FlyGram application was also created by the same group of developers. Even though this app is removed from the Play Store, both apps continue to be used on third-party websites and through the Samsung App Store .

If you’ve previously installed one of these apps on your phone , Signal recommends uninstalling the app and making sure you disconnect your account from them before doing so. Signal Plus can access both sent and received messages and phone book.

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