The hand of technology touched accessories. Or should we say that technology was touched by women’s hands? Technology companies are competing with each other for smart ring technologies. Recently, Samsung introduced the Galaxy Ring. Following this introduction, its arch-rival Apple also rolled up its sleeves for smart ring technology. Here are the details…

Apple pushed the button for its smart ring, Apple Ring!

Samsung introduced the smart ring it called Galaxy Ring at the Unpacked event held in January. Samsung managed to meet users’ expectations with the Galaxy Ring. After this introduction, all eyes turned to Samsung’s arch-leader, Apple. Finally, the news that will satisfy the curiosity of the users came today.

An important source related to Apple suggested that the company will launch its smart ring soon. According to the source, technology giant Apple has started the countdown for the smart ring. With Apple entering the market, things will get even more intense in the smart ring race.

In fact, it is no secret that Apple is working on smart ring technology. This process, which started with the claims made in 2007, continued with the company applying for many patents over the years. These patents  are proof that Apple is working seriously on the smart ring .

Let’s talk about the features expected from Apple’s smart ring: According to the patents, this smart ring will be called Apple Ring . In addition, this smart ring will be equipped with features such as smart ring and short-range wireless communication. However, there will be a small touch screen for users to interact easily.

In addition, this smart ring will be able to track movement with sensors such as accelerometer and gyroscope. It will also have features that can monitor health data such as heart rate. In this context, it should be noted that the expectations in the technology world are great.

So what do you think about Apple’s new design smart ring? Do you think these high-tech smart rings can replace solitaires? Don’t forget to share your opinions in the comments!

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