The candidates for the annual Car of the Year award event have been announced. The list of models that will compete for this award in 2024 has been published. Brands are fighting fiercely to receive this award. This award, which means prestige for brands, also has an impact on users’ purchasing habits. Here is the list of candidates for the 2024 Car of the Year award…

List of 2024 Car of the Year candidates!

The jury, consisting of 59 journalists representing 22 countries, will determine the 2024 Car of the Year again this year. The list of 28 models has been reduced to 7. This list includes brands we all know.

1- Volvo EX30

Volvo EX30 provides ease of use to its users with 3 different engine options and 2 separate battery features. It is a car that aims for the safety of both pedestrians and drivers with its Safe Area Technology. With its new generation Park Pilot Assit feature, it offers easy parking in any area.

2- Renault Scenic

Scenic, which was introduced to the market in the 90s, is a car with a large volume, high ceiling and plenty of storage compartments. Renewed in 2023, Scenic appears as an electric SUV.

2024 Car of the Year candidates

3- Kia EV9

Kia EV9, a 7-person SUV, is perfect for large families. This vehicle, which has a range of 540 kilometers on a full charge, is designed for you to use comfortably in the city. This electric car, produced by Kia, is also quite striking with its exterior design.

2024 Car of the Year candidates

4- BMW 5 Series

The BMW 5 series, which is quite striking with its exterior design, comes with both electric and internal combustion models. It will be offered in 3 different series: 520i, 520d, 520 xDrive. It is not known when the rechargeable hybrid version models called 530e and 550e xDrive will be available. The 540i, the most powerful model of the BMW 5 series, will be available with four-wheel drive and a 3.0-liter inline six-cylinder engine.

2024 Car of the Year candidates

5- BYD Seal

BYD Seal, with its sporty design, will offer its users a range of 570 kilometers. It has a luggage volume of 400 liters at the back. There is an additional 53 liters of storage space in the front trunk. This vehicle, which also won my IF design award, is quite eye-catching with both its interior and exterior design.

2024 Car of the Year candidates

6- Peugeot 3008

Peugeot’s SUV model, E 3008, has 320 horsepower and also promises a range of up to 700 kilometers. Coming with 3 different models, E 3008 has a sporty exterior design.

2024 Car of the Year candidates

7- Toyota C-HR

Toyota C-HR has completely innovative design and superior quality. It combines 5th generation Hybrid technology with its striking interior and exterior design, customizable digital cockpit and advanced safety features.

toyota chr


The 2024 Car of the Year Award will find its owner at the ceremony to be held at the Geneva Motor Show on Monday, February 26. So, which car do you think should win this award? Don’t forget to share your comments with us…

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