Apple continues its efforts to create fruit-themed branding by making official applications for multiple “PINE APPLE” trademarks, as noted in the Tianyancha app. It covers categories such as trademark applications, scientific instruments, advertising sales, and building repairs, which are currently at the “application stage”. Interestingly, the term “PINE APPLE” means both “菠萝” and “凤梨” in Chinese, and both refer to the tropical fruit.

Apple’s Historical Ties to Fruit-Themed Branding

Apple’s persistent foray into fruit-related trademarks is evident from its past performance over the years. In a staggering statistic, Apple has filed 215 trademark appeals in recent years.  That number surpasses tech giants Google ,  Microsoft , Amazon and Meta (formerly Facebook) total 136 cases. While 17% of the trademark objections initiated by Apple resulted in withdrawals from the counterparties, more than half did not receive any reaction to the legal remedies opened by Apple.

The tech company’s efforts to create a fruit-inspired trademark have not been without controversy. One memorable case involved Apple’s opposition to American artist Frankie Pineapple because of his stage name’s English suffix “apple”. This incident underscores Apple’s cautious stance against anything remotely violating its brand name.

The iconic bitten Apple logo seems inadequate for Apple’s aspirations. In 2017, the company pursued a fruit trademark in Switzerland, aiming for a broader depiction of the Granny Smith apple rather than just the bitten logo. Fruit Union Suisse, a century-old Swiss fruit company, faced the possibility of a logo change as a result. The director of the company expressed his concerns, emphasizing the universal nature of the apple symbol and the inherent right of everyone to use it.

Apple’s  “PINE APPLE” trademark initiative serves as the final chapter in the love story to fruit-based branding. However, with previous efforts that sparked controversy, we’ll see how this latest trademark pursuit unfolds.

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