Apple  Watch  has already been recognized for helping save many lives over the past few years. And just recently, another life was probably saved after the smartwatch helped a woman identify a potentially life-threatening health condition.

Apple Watch notified woman of unusual heartbeat

This time the story is about 29-year-old Kimmie Watkins from Ohio, USA. He recently opened up about his ordeal and shared how Cupertino-based giant Saat helped save his life. Kimmie said she often felt dizzy and tired, but couldn’t pinpoint the actual cause. She thought it was just because she skipped meals and decided to sleep. The Apple Watch , on the other hand, stayed awake and mapped your heartbeat throughout your sleep.


About 90 minutes later, he awoke to a warning that his heartbeat had been too high for an extended period of time. In other words, there was something wrong with him. The watch followed a heart rate increase of up to 178 beats per minute; this is quite high for someone who is not in the middle of intense physical activity and is resting. Following this warning, Watkins sought medical attention and doctors discovered he had a saddle pulmonary embolism (SPE).

Simply put, it is a medical condition that is said to have a 50 percent mortality rate and is essentially a blood clot. Dr., a cardiologist at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine. According to Richard Becker, this was “the most serious and life-threatening, as it was a blood clot that had saddled the blood vessel leading to both the right lung and the left lung. “Watkins is currently under treatment and on track to recover. In October 2022, the Apple Watch   helped  save a 12-year-old girl from cancer , and earlier this year a man was rescued from a potentially life-threatening internal hemorrhage .

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