iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro  owners complain about battery health, but it’s not yet clear whether this is a real issue. AppleInsider looks at the data.

Back in August, reports of battery problems on the current-generation  iPhone 14  and iPhone 14 Pro began to surface, allegedly draining the battery much faster than it should.

According to various complaints, when you look at the Battery Health and Charge section under Battery in the Settings application, you see that the Maximum Capacity figure is much lower than what people want. You can easily expect maximum capacity to decrease over time, but for some this capacity wears out a little too quickly.

iPhone 14 battery problem?

A group of iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro users have raised issues with the Maximum Capacity number, claiming that the capacity is dropping much faster than they would like. These complaints also surfaced on social media and became even more prominent during the summer months.

In July  , Apple Track’s  Sam Kohl stated that the capacity of the iPhone 14 Pro via X was 90% less than a year later, stating that this figure is “actually unacceptable”  John Rettinger made a comment by sharing that the iPhone 14 Pro Max, which he bought during the launch in August, also had 90% capacity.

Joanna Stern of the Wall Street Journal also questioned  why the iPhone 14 Pro’s charge rate dropped to 88% in August,   and an Apple Store Genius said it has personally already reached 450 charge cycles. In contrast, the three-year-old  iPhone 12 Pro held by Stern’s wife  had 80% capacity, while the editor’s two-year-old  iPhone 13 Pro  had 90% capacity.

Others also noted low percentages; Among them,  Tom Warren of The Verge tweets  at 91% and Max Weinbach at 89%  .

While these are prominent examples,  there are many people on social media complaining about the Maximum Capacity of iPhone 14 era smartphones. The typical query of those affected by this phenomenon, excluding trolling responses, is a battery in the mid-90s to lows or above-80s percentiles.

The general view is that Maximum Capacity should not fall below 90% one year after launch. At the very least, the percentages are not supposed to drop faster than the batteries of earlier iPhone versions.

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