Google TV’s free channels  increased again and users were given more opportunities to watch. A few months ago, Google shocked users by adding over 800 free channels to their TV streaming service. Now they’re re-expanding the list, giving users more choice and freedom to watch content without paying a dime.

These channels are exclusive to Google TV and users do not need to pay subscriptions to access them. Many of the new and existing free channels can keep you entertained during your screen time. Having over 825 free channels gives you a wide variety of options at the push of a button.

These channels cover music, news, shows, documentaries and much more. Some of these channels are local options that allow Google TV users to stay in sync with their local content. This is good news and some users of Google TV devices are already taking advantage of this opportunity.

Here are the new Google TV free channels coming to your TV screen

Google is increasing the number of free channels in its TV product, starting in some regions.  This expansion of free channels  will also reach Google TV users in other regions . But for now, 25 new free channels are rolling out to users in the US and they will be the first to get them.

Access to these new channels will be easy as users won’t have to do much. The rollout will not require an update, as the new channels will join other available free options. Users will be able to choose from 25 new free channels including shows, news channels, shows, documentaries, dramas, sports and much more.

If you’re already wondering what your favorite shows will be on the new 25 free channels, you can take a quick look. Google now has a list of all 25 new channels that you can watch for free right here . To access these new channels, all you have to do is go to the Google TV Live tab and start broadcasting.

From this tab you will see all the free channels that Google offers you. You can now scroll through the list and find what you want to watch right now. Now you don’t need to pay a subscription fee to watch TV programs from the comfort of your home.

But there’s more good news for NFL fans who use Google TV devices or products to stream. Starting next season, NFL Sunday Ticket, available on YouTube in the US, will also come to Google TV. This means you’ll get everything you need for games right from your Google TV home screen.

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