Creating a YouTube channel is an easy process. However, it is not easy to find enough subscribers to grow the channel. It is possible to make your YouTube channel visible to everyone by producing quality content and following a number of steps. So how? Here is the answer…

How to make YouTube channel visible?

Creating a channel and sharing videos on YouTube is an easy process. For video sharing, shooting can be done even with just a phone. At the same time, the images taken can be quickly edited with the editing programs available on the phone.

Being permanent on YouTube requires taking certain steps. It is possible to make your channel more permanent and known by following these steps.

  • Choose catchy names 

Be careful to choose catchy usernames so that other people can remember you when they watch you. The name you give to your channel should be compatible with the content you create.

  • The first post should be a promotional video 

“What kind of content will be on your channel?” You can answer the question with the promotional video you create. In this way, there may even be people who like your content style and subscribe before you upload other videos.

  • Attract attention with video images 

Videos appear to viewers with their cover photos. Impressive and eye-catching cover photos can be viewed by those who are curious about the content. At the same time, writing video descriptions in a way that arouses curiosity will increase your number of views.

  • Don’t forget to add a subscribe text 

Appearing the “subscribe” text while watching the video can also make it easier to follow the channel at the end of the content. Constantly seeing “subscribe” or liked content can make it easier to subscribe to the channel.

  • Create a compelling description 

The first place to look before or after watching the video is undoubtedly the channel description. An article that introduces yourself and briefly explains your goal and why you are on this platform will also help your channel stand out.

  • Add social media links 

People who like your vlog videos and content ideas may also want to follow you on other social media platforms. In this way, your other accounts will have grown at the same time. You can also share what you have uploaded to your YouTube channel on your other social media accounts.

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