With the development of technology, personal care devices have now become more practical and useful. In addition to traditional methods; Epilation devices and laser epilation devices that work with high technology are becoming more and more popular. “ What should we pay attention to when purchasing epilation devices? ” Which product is more useful for us? Let’s answer your questions together.

What should we pay attention to when buying an epilator?

First of all, we now have two options in this area. The first is classical epilation devices. These devices remove hair from the root, allowing you to have smooth skin for a longer time. Another laser epilation devices. This method, which used to be performed in private clinics, can now be applied at home with personal devices. First you need to decide which device you want to buy. The most important criterion when deciding this is the type of your hair. If you have very thin and light-colored hair, laser epilation devices may not provide effective results for you.

After you decide which type of device to buy, it is possible to buy the right device by comparing your personal characteristics and device features. Products that we define as classical epilation devices are called epilator in the market. We have listed the things you need to pay attention to when buying an epilator or laser epilation.

What should we pay attention to when buying an epilator?

  • First, have an idea about your skin and hair type. Some epilators are specially made for sensitive skin.
  • Available in a model that can operate in wet and dry environments. Before purchasing your device, you should decide in which environments you want to use it.
  • These devices usually have rechargeable or electric options. If you do not want to experience cable problems, you should make your choice accordingly.
  • In terms of hygiene, it would be better to choose devices with different heads.
  • Washable headgear models are also one step ahead in terms of hygiene. In this way, after using your products, you can clean them with water instead of brushes and similar solutions.
  • If you are sensitive to pain, a cold steam or vibrating epilator will be your savior.
  • You can use epilators not only for hair removal but also for care. When purchasing your device, you can give priority to options with peeling or massage heads.

What should we pay attention to when getting laser epilation?

  • It is not appropriate to use laser application in some diseases. Therefore, when choosing an epilation device, you should get information from your doctor before using it if you have any skin disease or chronic disease.
  • If you have chosen the laser method at home rather than by professionals; It may be difficult for you to make the right beat. That’s why devices with automatic sensors will make it easier for you.
  • If your skin type and hair structure are not suitable for laser epilation, it is not recommended to purchase these devices.
  • It is not appropriate to use these devices during periods such as pregnancy.
  • You can use your device for many years by choosing devices with high shot count capacity.

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