It is difficult to do the hair as desired in the limited time you have to go to work in the morning. While wavy hair can be styled easily, it is very difficult to apply a model to straight hair. We have listed for you the 5 best free hairstyle applications that you can use in such a short time that you cannot make an appointment at the hairdresser. Here are those free apps…

5 free hairstyle apps

We have shared the 5 most rated and developing free hair styling applications of 2023 for IOS and Android phones.

  • Hairstyle Try On 
hairsyle try on free hair app
hair application

“Should I leave bangs?” is a common thought when growing hair. or “Should I dye my hair? Questions like these always come to our mind. It is possible to find answers to questions with this application. The application allows you to add different styles, colors and lengths to photos that you can upload from your smartphone. It is possible to access the application from phones with IOS operating system.

  • Hairstyles step by step 
hairstyles step by step free hair app
free hairstyle in app

If you want to braid or collect your hair but don’t know how to do it, this application reflects exactly this feature. Many knitting patterns such as herringbone are included in the application. Depending on the situation, bun models can also be searched in the application and applied step by step. It is possible to find the application on Google Play Store.

  • Hairstyles For Your Face Shape 
hairstyles for your face shape free app
free hair app design

The app focuses on your face shape in general. It determines the shape of your face and then offers the hairstyle that will suit you. It seems to be an indispensable application for those who are constantly pessimistic about their hairstyle. You can download the app for free from the App Store.

  • Hair Zapp
hair zapp free app
hair zapp in-app

The application can be used on phones with both Android and IOS operating systems. Users can have the opportunity to resize the existing photo or take a photo within the application. The hairstyle can also be decided on the photo taken or uploaded.

  • Hairstyle Makeover 
hairsyle makeover free app
hairstyles free hair app

Users can choose between long, short and medium versions of each style within the application. In this way, it becomes possible to see whether the model you want will suit your face or not. The application is offered to users free of charge via the App Store.

So, which applications do you use on your phone for hair styling?

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